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  • specialized distributor of accessories for Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and others
  • 10 year tradition in central Europe and Czech Republic
  • all of the brands are distribute directly from the manufacture
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Our portfolio

Spigen - exkluzivní distributor
iOttie - exkluzivní distributor
Netatmo - exkluzivní distributor
UAG - exkluzivní distributor
Catalyst - exkluzivní distributor
Nomad - exkluzivní distributor
Decoded - exkluzivní distributor
Sphero - exkluzivní distributor
Pitaka - exkluzivní distributor
Nanoleaf - exkluzivní distributor
Odzu - exkluzivní distributor
Ledger - exkluzivní distributor
Kenu - exkluzivní distributor
Adonit - exkluzivní distributor
Speck - exkluzivní distributor
Powerdot - exkluzivní distributor
Meross - exkluzivní distributor
Native Union - exkluzivní distributor
Tigra sport - exkluzivní distributor
Paperlike - exkluzivní distributor
ESR - exkluzivní distributor
Pret a Pousser - exkluzivní distributor
Pivo - exkluzivní distributor
GoCube - exkluzivní distributor
ZENS - exkluzivní distributor
Case Mate - exkluzivní distributor


WEEKLY NEWS, November 29, 2021

In the news from November 29, 2021, you will find news from the Pitaka brand.

As a producer of premium aramid accessories, Pitaka delivers the long-awaited MagEZ Car Mount Pro version, compatible with the MagSafe system, which offers up to 15W fast charging, solid magnetic bonding, a unique aramid fibre design and a sophisticated fastening and cooling system during operation. Available in two versions: the Suction Cup for flat surfaces: dashboard or table and the Air Vent Mount version.

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WEEKLY NEWS, November 22, 2021

In the news from November 22, 2021, you will find news from the Case-Mate and GoCube brands.
The stylish cases brand Case-Mate brings the hot current novelty Cheer Superstar with antimicrobial protection MicroPel for the new iPhone.
The GoCube brand presents the long-awaited novelty - GoCube 2x2 - a simplified version of the legendary cube with connectivity to smart devices, live tracking and lighting effects. The second novelty is a streamlined version of Rubik’s Connected - GoCube X in new neon colours.

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Meet Pivo Pod Black

Pivo Pod Black is the new communication hub for business, real estate, hospitality, interior designers, education, and more!
Your smartphone is much smarter with Pivo Pod Black, 360-degree panoramic mount. It is equipped with motion, face and body tracking applications with guaranteed autofocus and designed for streaming on the go, virtual video presentations, 3D tours in objects and many other creative and innovative ways of presenting the spoken word, movement and space in real-time. You can share content that doesn't require complex and demanding post-production on all your favourite social networks with videos.
Get your own tireless cameraman for your masterpiece videos, streaming and 3D tours. Get Pivo pod Black.

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New onboard: Case-Mate

The American brand of premium mobile accessories, Case-Mate, presents a wide range of fashionable and stylish cases. Working with first-class materials and modern design brings products for every occasion. In addition to the design, Case-Mate also ensures that every product is perfectly processed - all of which must meet strict quality requirements during many tests and protect the equipment from falls from different heights and on various surfaces. At the same time, all cases are equipped with antimicrobial protection. This solution aims to reduce the distribution of microorganisms on the surface.
The Case-Mate brand enters the Czech market with several lines of cases for the new iPhone 13, including the sparkling Karat Onyx or Marble and Twinkle, compatible with MagSafe. Tough Print, Soap Bubble or the Tough Plus clear case collection, also available with MagSafe, are sure to find their customers.

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WEEKLY NEWS, November 15, 2021

In the news from November 15, 2021, you will find news from the Spigen, Nomad and Pivo brands.
The Spigen brand introduces a special protection kit for optics - Spigen tR Optik in a convenient package of 2 pieces in colours identical to the new iPhone 13. With a simple installation, you can turn any case into a MagSafe-compatible case with the Spigen OneTap Ring Adapter MagSafe in black and silver. The famous Ultra Hybrid and Tough Armor series are also available for the Xiaomi 11T / 11T Pro.
The Nomad brand expands its offer with an improved generation of first-class and high-quality charging and synchronization cables reinforced with a double-braided Kevlar outer sheath and robust metal alloy connector housings of USB-C to USB-C in lengths of 1.5 and 3 m.
The Pivo presents a new Pivo Pod Black - a professional solution for retailers, real estate agents, interior designers, educators, lecturers and much more. Pivo Pod Black is a communication tool with a wide range of uses thanks to the possibility of optimizing creative photos and videos, 12 quick creation modes for content that can be shared immediately, 360 ° automatic motion tracking and the ability to create 3D presentation spaces. With many more features.

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WEEKLY NEWS, November 8, 2021

In the news from November 8, 2021, you will find news from the Catalyst and Decoded brands.
The Catalyst brand is expanding its range of precise and carefully tested covers for the new iPhone with the Total Protection range in two colours - blue and black, both equipped with a practical loop. The cases are waterproof (IP68) up to a depth of 10 m, meeting military standards when falling from up to two meters. The thin case, which protects from all sides, allows access to all functions and controls and is a genuinely comfortable and high-quality solution for the complete protection of the iPhone 13.
The Decoded brand complements its range with cases for 3rd generation AirPods. You can choose from leather cases in four attractive colours or matt, elegant silicone in a total of five colour variants.

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