Ingredi Europa
10 yearson the market

Why Ingredi Europa?

  • more than 70 000 pieces in stock
  • 1500 different kind of product items
  • specialized distributor of accessories for Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and others
  • 10 year tradition in central Europe and Czech Republic
  • all of the brands are distribute directly from the manufacture
  • exclusive and certified products
  • support programmes for partners
  • team of a specialists for given brands
  • quick handling of RMA
  • marketing programmes

Our portfolio

Spigen - exkluzivní distributor
iOttie - exkluzivní distributor
Netatmo - exkluzivní distributor
UAG - exkluzivní distributor
Catalyst - exkluzivní distributor
Nomad - exkluzivní distributor
Decoded - exkluzivní distributor
Sphero - exkluzivní distributor
Pitaka - exkluzivní distributor
Nanoleaf - exkluzivní distributor
Odzu - exkluzivní distributor
Ledger - exkluzivní distributor
Kenu - exkluzivní distributor
Adonit - exkluzivní distributor
Speck - exkluzivní distributor
Powerdot - exkluzivní distributor
Meross - exkluzivní distributor
Native Union - exkluzivní distributor
Tigra sport - exkluzivní distributor
Paperlike - exkluzivní distributor
ESR - exkluzivní distributor
Pret a Pousser - exkluzivní distributor
Levenhuk - exkluzivní distributor
Pivo - exkluzivní distributor
GoCube - exkluzivní distributor


Meet GoCube – the new on board

The GoCube brand brings an innovative version of the best selling toy of all time - a Rubik‘s cube ready for the 21st century – in two variants.

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WEEKLY NEWS, May 10, 2021

In the news from May 10, 2021, you will find new items by UAG, Speck, Spigen a Nomad and the new on board – GoCube, interactive Rubik's cube in two separate models.

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WEEKLY NEWS, May 3, 2021

In the news from May 3, 2021, you will find new items by Spigen and Nomad, especially for the new Apple AirTag.

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WEEKLY NEWS, April 26, 2021

In the news from April 26, 2021, you will find new items by UAG, Speck, Spigen, Nomad, Decoded a Native Union.

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WEEKLY NEWS, April 19, 2021

In the news from April 19, 2021, you will find a new iPad case from [U] by UAG series – accessories specially designed for women. The Galaxy A72 and Galaxy Tab A7 will receive new covers from the same brand. For tablets with a practical hand strap. The Spigen brand expands its range of Ultra Hybrid covers constructed from a solid back and a flexible frame for Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 smartphones.

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WEEKLY NEWS, April 12, 2021

In the news from April 12, 2021, you will find the new solid and stable base for MagSafe charging by Nomad machined from solid stainless steel with a no-slip grip rubber foot.

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Business development
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Managing director
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Senior product manager
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Product manager
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Sales specialist
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International Sales
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